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Today at YourPersonalFinanceTips.com, we are reviewing a top credit repair company named Lexington Law Firm. We’ll cover how they handle the credit repair process, what their clients think of them, and how effective they are at credit clean up.

Let’s face it.

Dealing with credit bureaus is a headache none of us want to deal with.

Let’s say you see a false item on your credit report:

A credit dispute letter you send in may not be acknowledged for several weeks, and in some cases, it may be ignored altogether. This will cause problems for your credit score, hindering your ability to get approved for loans, lower finance rates, or credit cards.

Any company who runs a credit check on you is not going to look at your credit report as a whole, but instead the number generated from that report.

If your credit report has negative credit items on it, it’s worthwhile to trust the experts and bring in a credit repair company who knows how to handle the credit bureaus. Let them write those pesky credit dispute letters and deal with the corporate-speak responses.

We’ll help you make an informed decision about whether or not they are a good fit for your situation by breaking everything down into sections: what Lexington Law reviews, who they are, the pros and cons, and what they can help you accomplish with your credit score.

Ready to get started?

Read on and we’ll guide you through.

Does Lexington Law Firm Really Work?

Lexington Law has a unique advantage which they provide their customers when it comes to dealing with credit bureaus – especially those who don’t act on negative credit disputes. As lawyers, the credit repair service they provide has the leverage of understanding credit laws and the obligations of credit bureaus. This means they are more likely to persuade credit bureaus to fix charge-offs and remove negative credit items from your report. Furthermore, they are more likely to get the credit bureau to act since they are part of a law firm.

Typically, to resolve an issue on your credit report, a credit dispute letter must be sent out to claim the item as a “negative credit item” on the credit report. This item will show up as “pending dispute” by the credit bureau, and an investigation begins to decide if it is false or not.

This process, when done by an individual, can take several months if not years to see any significant progress in the removal of these items, and sometimes even longer for your credit score to reflect these changes. Negative credit items can severely impact your ability to claim lower interest rates and get approved for more credit cards, financing, and other opportunities.

With a trustworthy credit repair service, you don’t have to be involved in any part of the process. Your credit repair company will handle these claims for you with little trouble. Often, this is the most time and time and cost-effective way to manage your credit report, especially if you have multiple items affecting your credit score.

Lexington Law can remove a variety of negative credit items from your credit report, from late payments to charge-offs, foreclosures, collections, 30-day late payments, and bankruptcies, among other things.

The more questionable – or blatantly false an item is, the higher the likelihood is that you’ll be able to have it removed quickly. Negative credit items can significantly impact your score, even if you have a single listing, so it’s essential to have it resolved as soon as possible to avoid higher loan interest fees and lower credit card approval rates.

Alright, ready to move forward?

See the pros and cons of Lexington Law below.

Pros and Cons of Lexington Law

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The Pros

While there are many other Lexington Law reviews out there, we don’t see many who truthfully list both the pros and cons of the company. No matter how good a credit repair company is, there will always be the ups and downs – not every customer will have the same experience as the next.

Read the benefits many people have experienced using Lexington Law as their trusted credit repair company below:


Real Lawyers, Paralegals, and Attorneys

One of the biggest advantages we feel Lexington Law has in credit clean up is the fact they employ real lawyers, paralegals, and attorneys.

This means you can receive legal advice in your consultation with them if needed, helping resolve your questions with a firm and confident answer.


Legal Leverage with Credit Bureaus

Another benefit of Lexington Law comes from the fact it’s comprised of legal professionals. Credit bureaus tend to act on their requests faster, and with better results.

Truthfully, what company wants law firms sending credit dispute letters their way? One of the biggest advantages we find in our Lexington Law reviews is the fact they tend to have more sway than the average credit repair company.


Business Experience of More than 20 Years

Lexington Law is a credit repair company who can achieve the results you want through experience in the field and time-proven tactics. Their consumer law practice began in 1990, where they set out to redefine the credit repair landscape. They are still considered to be a leader in the credit repair industry today.


Free Consultation

When it comes to credit repair companies, it’s important to be able to consult with the professionals before committing to their service.

On your end, you’ll be able to interview them to see if they’re a good fit for what you’re looking for. Lexington Law reviews cases on an individual basis, understanding that everyone has something they’re looking to get out of credit repair service – whether that’s simply a better credit score, or having specific items removed from their report.



One of the biggest downfalls we see in credit repair companies is the cost. If you’re in debt, chances are you don’t have the moolah to spend on a big name.

Luckily, Lexington Law offers affordable tiered packages, meaning you only pay for what you need. They even offer discounts for those who are active military or couples, making the financial impact as minimal as possible on you and your wallet.


Complaint Resolution

Lexington Law is one of the few credit repair companies around that we’ve seen so dedicated to resolving customer complaints. They’ve addressed almost every complaint they’ve received from their customers, with a large number of these resolutions meeting customer satisfaction.

The Cons


Website Navigation

We’ve found a few customers who feel their website is difficult to navigate. Now, this has no impact on Lexington Law results, but if you have difficulty finding information on their website it might be better to contact their customer support line for your answer.


Short Grace Period

Lexington Law offers a grace period on their billing statements that allows a customer to dispute the charges. This grace period is typically five days from billing, however many people find that is too short. We have seen there are few credit repair companies who offer longer grace periods.



Many Lexington Law reviews have covered this, and we find it’s prevalent to mention in ours as well. Lexington Law, as of the writing of this piece, does not offer any guarantees for their services. Credit repair services can take months to be effective and offering a guarantee limits their ability to take on necessary tasks.

Every credit repair company must take on a certain risk and can’t always promise a standard timeframe as every case is different. While this doesn’t directly affect Lexington Law results, it does make customers feel they are taking on more of a risk.








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How Long Does It Take to Repair Credit?

How poor your credit score is can affect how long it takes to improve the score. The time it takes also depends on who is handling your credit repair service. Credit clean up can be done quickly by a professional, but as an individual, sending credit dispute letter after dispute letter can become tiring and the timeframe can expand from a few months to even over a year as credit bureaus take their time to respond, open investigations, and come to a conclusion.

By going through a credit repair company to resolve the issue, it prompts credit bureaus to open the investigation sooner rather than later.

Typically, when you choose a credit repair company such as Lexington Law to perform your credit clean up, you can expect to begin seeing progress on your credit report within 4-6 months. Lexington Law reviews your credit report and helps you determine the best plan of action towards raising your overall credit score.

According to many of their customers, Lexington Law reviews all the items on their credit report. This thoroughness not only resulted in almost all their negative credit items falling off, but several customers also report that their credit score rose by several hundred points within that 6-month period.

That’s an incredible improvement! If your score is sitting in the 400s, why wouldn’t you choose to sit back and watch it climb into the 700s?

Do They Offer Discounts?

When you’re looking for Lexington Law reviews – or any credit repair company for that matter – we’ve noticed many customers want to know one thing: do they offer discounts?

We’re happy to tell you that yes, Lexington Law does offer discounts.

As of right now, they also offer a Family or Household discount and an active military discount.

The Family or Household discount provides your spouse a one-time 50% off discount when you and your spouse sign up together for their credit repair service. You’ll first create your account, and instructions will be provided for your spouse to sign up for the discount.

Their military discount is typically available if you call and ask for it over the phone. While this discount may vary with your situation, we found an offer for $50 off the initial installment price.

Fees and Pricing

Lexington Law offers three different tiers of credit repair service. These prices and packages reflect what is available at the time of this review. Depending on your circumstances, you can decide which would be most beneficial – or discuss it during your free consultation with one of their professionals.


First Tier: Concord Standard – $89.95

Their Concord Standard tier of service covers essential credit repair tactics and practices to keep your credit report from showing negative credit items that affect your score. Lexington Law reviews your credit report, helps figure out a plan of action and pursues the best course.

Second Tier: Concord Premier – $109.95

Their Concord Premier tier covers the basics of credit repair service and adds more ways to address any issues that may arise on your credit report. You’ll also receive credit monitoring, credit report alerts, and a monthly credit score analysis.

Third Tier: PremierPlus – $129.95

This is the most popular tier we see satisfied customers opting for. This service tier not only includes all features from the first two tiers but also includes your FICO® score based on TransUnion data. This package also adds real-time identity fraud alerts and tools which help you manage your personal finances.


Now that you know a little more about each service tier, you can take on the free consultation provided by Lexington Law, look over your credit report with a paralegal, and balance your budget with your needs.

Lexington Law Results According to Their Customers

A good credit repair service will be there when you need them. A good credit repair service will also respond to your inquiries and help you make informed decisions about your payments, the direction to take your credit report and take the most stress off your shoulders as possible.

When it comes to Lexington Law credit repair reviews, we’ve noticed that few do justice when it comes to customer testimonials. We’ve read testimonials from both sides of the coin, and we wanted to showcase both so that you can make an informed decision about your credit repair company.

You can see more testimonials on their website under ‘Credit Repair Services.’

They have multiple video reviews as well as text testimonials. These testimonials include:

They deleted six out of nine negative entries – and in less than two months.
I’d recommend [Lexington Law] to anyone that has a scary credit report!

On many websites, they’ve received a 4 or higher out of 5-star rating when it comes to customer satisfaction.

From what we’ve seen, this is one of the highest rated credit repair companies we’ve investigated for a while. The only negative reviews we’ve discovered about their company has been either about their website navigation, lack of a guarantee, or some customer support complaints about call directors not knowing their account information, which was often resolved by being directed to the appropriate branch of customer service.

We have also found the company has resolved the majority of customer support complaints upon becoming aware of them. These resolutions achieve a high rating of customer satisfaction, which means to us that Lexington Law reviews and actively works to ensure their customer’s happiness while (and after) working with the company.

Lexington Law Phone Number for Customer Support

With any credit repair service, you’re going to want to know how to contact them should any important issues arise, or if you find yourself in need of another consultation with one of their legal professionals.

You can find their general support phone line or email box in the “contact us” section on their website.

They have paralegals on staff to take your calls during typical business days, which means you can call at any time to discuss your account, their current plan of action, or even how to handle your credit report.

You can also reach a general support staff when you are trying to find something that does not require legal advice, whether they’ve done a great job and you’re looking to downsize your service package or finding out how to cancel Lexington Law once your credit score is back to its maximum health.

When to Cancel Lexington Law

As you might have imagined, a credit repair company is someone you bring in to repair your credit. That means you don’t have to keep them on your list of monthly bills forever – once they’ve done the job, at least to your satisfaction, then it’s time to learn how to cancel Lexington Law. This can be achieved by calling up their support staff and asking to close out your account.

For many people the credit repair process looks like this:


Begin with Premium service.

Lexington Law offers three different service packages depending on your needs. Their lowest tier is their Concord Standard which covers the basics of credit repair services; with this package, Lexington Law reviews your credit report, discusses a plan of action, and pursues the goal – simple as that.

Their Concord Premier is an enhanced edition that includes everything from the lower tier. It also features a monthly credit score improvement analysis and allows access to important credit report inquiries.

Many people start out with their PremierPlus package which includes both lower tiers and a monthly FICO® score which is based on data collected by TransUnion. This package also boasts real-time fraud alerts and helps you manage your finances.

The PremierPlus is also an excellent package if you are trying to learn how to stop spending money, as many people find the habit of spending money is the number one reason for their debt and bad credit.


Work Your Way Down.

Once you’ve had PremierPlus for a month or two, it’s ideal to consult with one of Lexington Law’s support staff and discuss your options. Depending on your circumstances, it may be just fine for you to work your way down the service options, going from PremierPlus to Concord Premier. If you’re in great standing already, you may find it beneficial to move down to Concord Standard.

Of course, this is optional. If you find benefit from the extra protection and information provided by PremierPlus, we have seen many customers of Lexington Law keep that service tier as long as possible.


Negative Items Removed from Your Credit Report

After Lexington Law reviews your credit report, discussed the plan of action and set out to work, you’ll start seeing negative items removed from your credit report. This is the credit repair company doing their job, and you can only expect to see more results like that as they continue.


Once Your Credit Score is Where It Needs to Be…

You’ve done it. Your credit score is in the green. Your credit score is healthy, and you can get approved for most credit cards or loans should you want to.

What now?

Do you cancel Lexington Law?

Well, if you are going to cancel Lexington Law, this would be the best time to do it. Keep in mind you can always renew your service with them should you need or want to.

We also see customers of Lexington Law who have stayed with them just to ensure the maintenance of their credit report, or to continue receiving the information provided by their PremierPlus package.

The choice of whether to cancel Lexington Law at this point is up to you. You’ve achieved a healthy credit score, and your situation will help you determine whether or not it’s the right move to stick with them or not.

If you do choose to cancel Lexington Law, however, you can do so through their customer support line.

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Is Lexington Law A Good Credit Repair Company? Here’s Our Overall Opinion

With any credit repair company, it’s good practice to ask questions like “can I trust this?” or “Is Lexington Law a scam?”

We’re happy to be able to say that from our experience, Lexington Law results show an incredible outperformance of many others when it comes to their credit repair service and removal of negative credit items. Beyond our experience, we’ve also read dozens of testimonials and Lexington Law reviews, and so far, we’ve been happy with everything we’ve seen.

Credit clean up is a tough job, but we’ve seen this company work their magic, with many Lexington Law results showing an incredible improvement in all three major credit bureaus in a small amount of time.

Whether you’re looking to remove a single item and don’t want the hassle of writing the credit dispute letter, or you need multiple items taken off to improve your overall score, Lexington Law reviews all clients’ individual needs. With their credit repair service, you’ll have the credit clean up job done in no time.

Any credit repair company who can stick to what they say and outperform many other companies in the field when it comes to results is a good company in our book. At the very least, you can take advantage of their free consultation and decide if their credit repair service is the right choice for your situation.

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